Blown away by God

This week has been a completely crazy one….

Monday-  I took my floating Holiday off….great to have a day off because I work so many hours at the Hotel and with the church…let’s just say a day off of both is very refreshing…  although i did have a meeting that night getting ready for Fx our new family worship experience, but that was alot of fun.

Tuesday-  I made it to work around normal and that’s when my week changed….I walked in and Susan (a dear friend of mine) the general manager called me into the office.  Now usually when this happens it’s because something crazy happened over the weekend and we are going to have to fix it, fire it, or handle it.   This was different though,  she looked at me almost burst into tears…she told me that she was sorry…Okay me too…what?   Then she shared that the owner needed to let me go due to lack of work.  I immediately told her that “God’s got me taken care of…”  I had been praying for something to change in my job situation since I was very unhappy working there…for many reasons that I won’t go into.  Although that’s not the way I would have had God answer the prayer.  I would have had Him have a record company find some of my music, instantly offer crazy amount of money to share God’s love and offer a signing bonus that would pay off my house….but this was close…haha.

I went out to lunch with some awesome friends, then went to the people zoo that is the Department of labor.  Unemployment filing is confusing to say the least.  I waited to tell Lisa because I honestly wanted her to not worry all day.  She came home and took the news very well.  She had been praying the same thing for me which is a beautiful thing…she knew 50 to 60 hours there a week was sucking the life from me.  We made the decision to Trust God and Wait on Him.  Scared yes, trusting a big God yes.  We called people and emailed and got people praying for us.

Wednesday-  Now this is where it gets a little crazy.  No applications, No resumes given out, no phone calls, or emails sent….I got 5 job offers.  Now I was so thankful for each call of care for our family and friends…  Some  job offers were good, some were great and some were “it’s the thought that counts” kind of offers.  God was increasing my faith…blowing our socks off…showing us so much Love and favor….craziness.

Thursday –  Still praying about what God would want me to do….realizing that I will have alot more time to focus on Discover Point’s mission, more time to write music, to cultivate relationships, to achieve personal goals, to love on my family….blown away.

Friday –  Spent some time really focusing in the Word…no rush out…What does God have in store?!  Praying for the church, our family and decisions….Also loving the vision of our church.  It’s God-sized…i have no idea how to do it….and that is exciting to me!

So this post is about the best thing God’s done for me in a long time….


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  1. Amy

    I cam completely relate to this. The Lord did very similar things to this and it was terrifying and liberating at the same time. Had he not ‘taken’ soem jobs from us, we would never have had the courage to let them go and actually pursue our dreams and take some risks in following Him.

    We love you guys and I think this is the start of awesome things in your walk with God. He WILL provide. I cant wait to watch!

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