A song in my heart today.

I have sang the lyrics “I have a song in my heart” or something similar 100s of times over the years.  When I would sing these words my mind would be on the fact that Jesus is my song, or that God is making the music of my life.  Well this morning my wife accidentally planned to over sleep by about 15 minutes.  When this “accident” happens I have to get up way to early for me and help get Ethan ready to leave for school.    When I got up this morning I immediately had a song in my heart…I kept singing it and thinking of people in our church that would be blessed by it or challenged by it.  And I could not get it out of my mind.  After Lisa and Ethan left I laid back down and could not sleep again.  All day it’s been with me.  The idea of…..It will be my JOY to say, Your will, Your Way, Always.    It’s simple to say but so challenging to believe.    After laying down for a while I got up and heard the songs of my daughter Ella as she lay in her crib.  What a blessing this morning.

Check out the song..and Oh and we are rocking this song on Sunday!

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