Good ole’ Mercer University comes to mind again…

Picture this….a barn.  It’s an old barn with lots of character and the smell of the animals and hay that have been in there.  There is a small hole in the roof that let’s the rain in on days like today in Georgia.  When the Sun is out and shining brightly that hole let’s in a beam of light that you can follow all the way to the ground.  It’s a thin supported line of sunlight that is cutting thru the shade and darkness of the barn.

When I was in college my choral professor shared this imagery with me in getting us to sing a certain way.  It’s a word picture that can translate into our minds-then actions.  I have never forgotten the clear picture this image presents.  And how it helped me to understand a new concept.  That’s one tool of teaching that I like to use as well, because when we see something or model it we don’t forget it.


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